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What is SpamWeeder?
Postini  Offers Spam and Virus Protection

Statistics today show that more than 85% of internet mail traffic is unwanted, malicious, or offensive. Spam and other messages with harmful content are costly to your organization. They decrease employee productivity and increase security risks and legal liability. Webservio’s SpamWeeder Anti-spam Email Solution reduces your risks and lets your employees get back to work.

Webservio SpamWeeder provides email server security by utilizing a group of sophisticated filtering technologies that work in parallel to provide threat protection for your mail server. SpamWeeder stops over 99% of spam, viruses, phishing, and more. SpamWeeder works by sheltering your MX record from the public so that spammers can not easily view your mail server by completing simple MX record inquiries. Any messages that are sent to your mail server must first filter through the SpamWeeder system. SpamWeeder determines if the messages are clean and delivers only the acceptable mail. Blatant spam is rejected and suspect messages are held in a quarantine. Administrators and/or end-users can view the suspicious emails through a Web-based interface and decide whether to discard the held messages or release them to their email in box.

Ease of use is abundantly apparent upon your initial login. With simple interfaces and administrative controls, SpamWeeder is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Depending upon the number of domains and email accounts your organization wishes to filter, there are total monthly email volume limitations for this system. If you have more than 10 domains and monthly email volume over 1,000,000 (including spam), this system will not adequately meet your needs. Please view our Postini® Plans for filtering unlimited email volume.

Webservio SpamWeeder is a server-side solution, so there is little setup or maintenance on your end. Nearly as soon as you sign up for Webservio SpamWeeder, you will be ensured that your email server is safe with accurate filtering. Look at the Benefits page to better understand why this spam prevention solution is right for you.

• Stops over 99% of spam • Saves bandwidth usage
• Increases available employee productivity time • Web Based Administration
&bullSimplified Admin and End-User interfaces