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VPS Mail Bagging
aka VPS MX Backup

Webservio's VPS Mail Bagging (MX Backup) Service

VPS Mail Bagging (VPS MX Backup) is offered to our clients whose email backup requirements exceed Webservio's Shared Mail Bagging limits and for system administrators who want to take charge of their email backup solution. The Mail Bagging (MX Backup) server is a virtual private server. As the name indicates, the system is dedicated to a single client or IT companies that wish to give their clients top-notch email backup protection.

Webservio's VPS Mail Bagging (VPS MX Backup) offers the benefits of increased security and scalability as part of your MX backup solution. The client has administrative capability to add multiple domain names to be protected in case of mail server downtime. This is a cost-effective email backup solution to an organization with multiple domain names. Our Standard, Express, and Power VPS Mail Bagging (VPS MX Backup) solutions come with universal access to the machine. A Web-based interface allows your system administrator to set up the MX backup service, view the queue of bagged emails, read and delete messages, and set different parameters, such as the delivery attempt cycle of emails to your specified mail server once it becomes available. Our Lite VPS Mail Bagging plan allows the administrator to view the mail queue, flush the queue, and view the log file.

If your business cannot succeed without unlimited access to send and receive emails during your primary server outage, Webservio has the solution for you. Webservio's Email Continuity VPS Mail Bagging solution offers you the ability to access your email via a Web-based browser while your primary mail server is unavailable. The Email Continuity system not only allows you to send emails through your backup mail server, it also saves a carbon copy of your sent messages to forward back to you when your primary mail server becomes available. Our Web-based email backup solution is even compatible with email clients such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

Webservio understands that businesses have different needs for Email Solutions. This is why we also provide Shared Mail Bagging and Dedicated Mail Bagging plans.