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Dedicated Mail Bagging
aka Dedicated MX Backup

Webservio's Dedicated Mail Bagging (MX Backup) Service

Dedicated Mail Bagging (Dedicated MX Backup) is offered to enterprise clients that have MX backup requirements which cannot be handled by our Shared or VPS Mail Bagging. We will build a Mail Bagging (MX Backup) server based on the customer's requirement of email volume.  The Mail Bagging (MX Backup) server is dedicated to housing only your backup MX record with up to 100 domains and 1,000,000,000 email volume a month. With maximum protection to rescue valuable messages, this MX backup server will ensure ultimate email security.

As with the VPS Mail Bagging service, the Dedicated Mail Bagging (Dedicated MX Backup) solution has enhanced administrative functionality to include a Web based interface to view the email spooling queue, read and delete messages, and set email delivery attempts back to the primary mail server.

With full control of the backup MX record, SMTP monitoring, and pager notification, your company will be able to immediately tend to a mail server problem with the peace of mind that all email communication is safely stored and ready to be viewed.

The Email Continuity service is also available with the Dedicated Mail Bagging (Dedicated MX Backup) solution to give you the fullest business security during mail server down time.  With this service, you may continue sending and receiving email through both a web mail account and POP3 access with your email client. You can look at this Mail Bagging (MX Backup) addition further by clicking here.

Webservio understands that businesses have different needs for E-Mail solutions. This is why we also provide Shared Mail Bagging and VPS Mail Bagging plans.


Dedicated Mail Bagging Benefits

With the growing need for a backup MX record on mail servers, you can be assured that Webservio's Dedicated MX Backup solutions will provide you with various benefits and features that can greatly enhance the operational efficiencies of your organization in times of disaster or outages.

Complete Control and Access to Email queue

With a dedicated server at our facility as a standby for your mail server, you are armed with a powerful and robust piece of equipment which can withstand high volumes of emails that come into your domain. Our solution is designed in such a way that you have full access to the email queue and are also able to view the messages using a web based interface. With an extensive search capability, you can search for emails in the queue during disaster or outage times. Our engineers will help you setup the email backup solution for the primary domain on your backup server, after which you have full control via SSH access to add additional domains and change settings as per your requirement. The moment you experience an outage at your facility, you can immediately login to the backup server and view the messages coming in. The real time feature of this MX backup solution allows system administrators and IT managers to have peace of mind during these outages.

Easy Turnkey Implementation with Low Cost of Ownership

Setting up your own Dedicated MX Backup server can be very expensive. After adding the cost of the hardware, manpower hours, remote data facility colocation costs and maintenance hours, the total cost of ownership could be quite high. By outsourcing your mail server backup needs to Webservio, you eliminate the above factors and are provided with a quick and cost effective setup. All hardware is procured and maintained by Webservio and therefore does not require any attention from your end in cases of hardware failure. Our infrastructure enables us to provide you with adequate bandwidth as well as backup power in case of power failures.

Data Facility Location

Having a MX backup server in the same zone as your current server may not be the best solution. Webservio offers two separate facilities for you to choose from so that your backup can be located in a different region from your primary mail server.

Virus and Spam Protection

It is well known that spammers use MX backup records to initiate dictionary attacks and other spam bombardment techniques. This can cause considerable pressure on the email backup scenario since the backup mail server could be used as a loophole to send viruses and spams to your domain. Webservio recognizes the unscrupulous measures taken by spammers and hence all of our backup mail servers come with basic anti virus protection.

However, our champion recommendation is to use the Postini Email Security® we offer to shield your MX records from malicious spammers. This system scans each email coming into your domain with 4 different virus engines, and all messages that are considered spam are quarantined and viewable through a browser. The system administrators for your domain have web based access to the quarantine and the spam system to modify settings.

Shared Firewall Protection with Restricted Access

Email is extremely important and may contain proprietary and sensitive information. Therefore, to protect our customers, all Dedicated MX Backup servers are secured behind our firewalls. This protects the servers from unauthorized access to the servers by hackers or other personnel. The access to the server and the web based interfaces are provided only to authorized persons in the client's domain and is restricted to the IP address of the client's location. Hence, access attempts from any other location apart from the IP blocks specified by the customer will be rejected. This ensures a tight control on the level of access to these servers and protects your emails from prying eyes.

Excellent Engineering Support

While every company claims the superiority of its engineering support, Webservio truly takes pride in its support of customers. Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable and will ensure that you have a smooth resolution of any problems that you may encounter. After hours support is also available with the purchase of our SLA plan. Our aim is to ensure the delivery of your emails without any problems, and we take pride in ensuring that this process happens smoothly without any interruptions.